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Chris Allen Plumbing has researched whole house water filtration systems from major U.S. companies. Whole house water filters have a distinct advantage of filtering ALL your water for any use, including bathing, washing of clothes and dishes, drinking, and use on growing plants. Eliminating sediment and filtering virtually all dangerous heavy metals, pesticides, and herbicides from your home's water is the extra safety margin that makes you feel confident that you have done all you can to ensure that you and your family have much safer water for any use.

We at Chris Allen Plumbing have found that the performance of these systems vary widely, and that cost of the equipment is no indication of the quality of service, reliability, and longevity of the filters in your home. In fact, it is possible to pay many thousands of dollars for some brands that will do the job of filtering all your home's water no better than other systems that cost thousands of dollars less. We have chosen Aqua Ox as the best choice both for performance excellence and price/quality ratio.

Aqua Ox has several virtues that many other systems do not have. Aqua Ox back-flushes the media so that the service life of the filtering media in an installation in a typical home is 20 years or more. Many other systems do not back-flush and, as a result, must have their media replaced much more often.

Also, Aqua Ox does NOT use salt-based water softening, an environmentally undesirable practice that discharges salt-laden water into aquifers, creeks, rivers, and lakes that can be dangerous to marine and plant life.

Aqua Ox whole-house filters are the "Cadillac" of whole-house water filters.

And do you want to buy American? Aqua Ox is made right next door to us in South Carolina, a U.S. company making quality U.S. products.

Don't forget: Aqua Ox also makes commercial level water filters. Ask us about them.

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